Stories Make the World Go Round

by Jessica Metonou, Edge of Yesterday intern and guest blogger

Jessica Metonou
Credit: Jessica Metonou

 Storytelling. It’s what makes the world go round. From television, to mainstream media, sharing personal experiences is what helps us forget what problematic circumstances may occur within our lives. 

In films, for example, an audience loves to view a character that goes through trial and error–showing they’re human. Film can showcase a sense of realism, since in real life there are no fairytale endings. And more than anything, storytelling presents a whole new world outside of our own. Whether it takes place on a hovercraft in outer space, or a closet that leads to a medieval realm, the imaginative state is truly what sets people at ease. 

We tell stories to share experiences, fictional or nonfictional. Not only does it create new perspectives, it also  helps bring a sense of community towards others. In a way it helps us build empathy, and understand an individual’s life a bit better from a completely different perspective. Storytelling is what creates emotional connection, and it’s an immersive experience, constantly being reshaped through different occurrences.

Through my internship at Edge Of Yesterday I watched a play, Nollywood Dreams, that showcased love from a cultural perspective, along with the danger of the black and white contrast that stereotypes present. An example of storytelling was shown in the play by one of the main characters Gbengba. An aspiring director, keeping up the hoax of studying abroad and being successful. From a personal view, his story really hits home for me because as a college student I understand the pressure of schooling, and how important it is to exceed your parents’ expectations.

 I learned the importance of story building and creating a new world an audience can resonate with. Also, within this program, I’ve gotten to meet new people who helped me understand the impact of sharing a connection with others through creating stories. 

About the Author:

Jessica Metonou is an upcoming novelist and poet. She enjoys creating stories and loves to experiment with writing different genres that discuss the importance of social issues. She has worked on her latest script “Dahkil”, a screenplay that showcases Niles, who decides to break into a scientific base alongside his best friend and steal a time machine to save his zombie race from extinction. Currently, she attends Full Sail University, pursuing a masters degree in Creative Writing, and Mainstream Journalism. Her favorite color is Pink, and she loves to go snowboarding. 

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