FIND ME IN THE TIME BEFORE-When One Moment Shifts the Entire History of the World

What if you got caught alone in a graveyard on Halloween night. . .and no one living is anywhere nearby. What could possibly go wrong?

Time Travel can be so enlightening!

Time travel is nothing if not unpredictable. An accidental jump to the wrong year lands STEAMinista and experienced time traveler Charley Morton in prison at the Bastille. When she tries to get home, she overshoots and ends up in a future where face masks and sweatpants are #fashionforward and home has become its own prison.

Can Charley and her leap-time co-conspirator/BF Billy Vincenzo fix their wrong turns and reverse time before a modern-day virus threatens to wipe out knowledge on which the very future of humanity hinges?

A haunted graveyard is the least of your worries…

When you find yourself spinning out of control…

Get lost in the TIME BEFORE. Read the latest Edge of Yesterday time travel adventure with Charley & Friends. Then leap into your own adventure at the Edge of Yesterday. Now available at your favorite online booksellers!

Time travel is not for the faint of heart!

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