Enriching You: Experience the Future of Learning through MASTERY

Time travel with us as we battle Pandemic, Protest and Politics to Craft a Transformation in Learning—via MASTERY!


What happens when two local companies—one steeped in technology and engineering, and the other, in social marketing and science communications—meet over a shared passion for offering local teen interns real-world work experience?

They come together to build a learning program based on STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts and design and math.

Acquired Data Solutions (ADS), a leading-edge technology and engineering solution provider, has partnered with EOY Media and Edge of Yesterday to announce the launch of EOY Media’s new MASTERY enrichment program, designed to engage young people in STEAM careers.

Laying Bare the Roots of the Old Story

In this pandemic, we are seeing full-blown the crisis in our way of life, leading to a lack of fulfillment. The Industrial Revolution, which was replicated in the structure of our education system, is built on mechanization, output, uneven surplus, and standardization.

It came at the expense of our connection with the natural world and the values that lead to sustainability. More, bigger, better is unsustainable.

“Output” in education is based on test data, scores, graduation rates and the number of college degrees granted…and NOT on the diversity of talents, interests and forms of expression that recognize individual passions, the great diversity of thought, ideas and creativity.

Pandemic and a quick shift to online school has laid bare the myth: more “output” does not lead to a better informed, better educated citizenry. More of same is unsustainable.

A New Story: Supporting Students to Thrive

In his final talk, Sir Ken Robinson, noted educator and global thought leader, used the metaphor of nurturing our children to thrive in the twenty-first century, like a gardener would cultivate the soil. Healthy soil requires a rich blend of nutrients and minerals for healthy growth. To thrive in our fast-changing world, children require a strong mixture of diversity, social connection, talents and interests to yield resilience, compassion, innovation, richness of community and recognition of individual talents.

This pandemic, that has upended traditional schooling, offers us the opportunity for a reset to focus on learning to follow, as in nature, a non-siloed, interdisciplinary approach.

Growing New Ideas: STEAM with a Twist

Sometimes, it takes diving into the past to find the future. EOY Media, the digital interactive learning platform based on creator and author Robin Stevens Payes’ teen time-travel fiction series, Edge of Yesterday, makes learning personal. How does history relate to the present? What do today’s decisions mean about the future we are building together?

“Learning through story” involves students in exploring and finding themselves at the heart of the learning process—to build a whole learning ecosystem around an emerging story for what can be.

Leonardo da Vinci Holds the Key

After years of researching the life and accomplishments of Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci, as part of the Edge of Yesterday teen time travel adventure novels, we have uncovered Leonardo da Vinci’s Key to Universal Learning: MASTERY.


But life preparedness is only one part of today’s requirements for success: job and career preparation are also essential. By stirring in the TEAMS focus pioneered by Acquired Data Solutions (ADS), preparing young people for a future workforce requires a grounding in those skillsets we know will be needed in the future: technology, economics, arts, media savvy.

MASTERY Takes Root
There’s a new MASTERY in town: it is an enrichment program designed to dovetail with traditional curricula to better meet the needs for well-rounded and engaged learning for a hybrid, digital age.

Acquiring MASTERY

  1. Builds a new engaging and enriching digital learning environment from the grassroots
  2. Incorporates arts, economics, storytelling and reflection skills into STEM – because these are not separate siloes but intersecting in the world
  3. Foster a growth mindset – because the jobs and careers of the future will require strong communication and collaboration skills, emotional intelligence, perseverance and social engagement
  4. Prime young people to understand the confluence of marketing, finance and economics and how they influence business and society
  5. Build in opportunities to interact with leaders in business, nonprofits, government, arts and emerging technologies to gain insights into diverse opportunities and how they might meet the evolving demands of the workforce
  6. Support GenZ in fulfilling their inherent passion for advocacy, community activism and change through social engagement

Through the partnership of EOY Media and ADS, we are blending goals these goals: learning for life and learning for work.  In the process, we’ve derived a new definition of MASTERY for 21st-century success. At its best, this blend—Mindset, Arts, Storytelling, Technology, Economy, Reflection and YOU—can enrich the culture in which young people grow into thriving adults.


As we prototype the new MASTERY program, we keep this aim in mind: to revitalize the learning process to meet today’s possibilities we must enrich young minds, restoring passion and meaning for learning by cultivating a growth mindset.

Planting New Ideas to Enrich Our Social Soil

Pandemic has forced society to make a break from the old. The pause of the pandemic can offer the opportunity to gain perspective and determine what is essential, nurturing the roots to allow a more aware, wiser, equitable, just and sustainable society to emerge.

Planting new seeds, with students participating in the process, can enrich and engage students in determining the future they would like to build together.

What fruits can emerge from the new MASTERY?  Join us, and let’s grow together.

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