Out of Time Makes Finals!

Pitch Week III is coming, the writing competition sponsored by the When Words Count Retreat in Vermont. And our entry for Out of Time was selected as a finalist. Okay, so we’re an alternate. But no matter how you phrase it, we’re in!

Looking forward to meeting my fellow contestants at a “Meet the Judges” week in July, wherein we get feedback and support, then put through our paces to prepare for the competition in September.

When Words Count Retreat
Emily Dickinson Room

And with perhaps a different vista outside than the low-visibility February landscape.

When Words Count Retreat
Baby, there’s snow outside!

While Out of Time will only get to pitch before the judges at this event if two other contestants drop out, fear not, friends and fans! We will automatically be finalists for the next round, Pitch Week IV, coming up in June 2015. Grand prize? A writer’s dream: publisher, agent and publicist.

Better get writing–the novel in its final format, all tied up with a bow and cover to show, is due by July 15, come rain, sleet or snow. And who knows–this year, anything could happen!

Feelin’ the love…

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