The Story of Your Life: Journaling for Creative Release and Reflection

Available for Teens

Sessions starting soon!

  • One 90-minute workshop, live online
  • Recording available for on-demand listening
  • Sharing stories
  • Journaling toolkit
Price: $36.00

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Why journal? In going inward, we find the hidden clues to better understanding who we are—and how we would like to show up.

We’ll break it down to give you a toolkit to open up to your creative self and continue your practice once the class ends.

The toolkit is packed with:

  • The science of myth and storytelling as essential to our humanity
  • Access to tools to deepen healing through creativity
  • Strategies to get started
  • Tactics to find time to keep your practice alive even in the most challenging of times

Robin Payes is author of the Edge of Yesterday teen time-travel adventure book series. She leads STEAM-enrichment programs and workshops through EOY Media.

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My experience working with Robin introduced me to new ways of exploring the past. I dove out of my comfort zone and learned more than I ever expected to know.
Claire van Stolk
Intern, Edge of Yesterday; Emory University