The Story of My Life: Journaling through Times of Change and Crisis for Adults

Why journal? By going inward, we find hidden clues to better understanding who we are—and how we would like to show up. This online workshop for adults is designed to help guide you into a journaling practice you can turn to during times of overwhelm, change and crisis.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll learn to become an archeologist of the self to uncover your strengths and resources and better understand, process and move through challenging times.

Participants will:

  • Use writing prompts, exercises and guided meditations to build self- awareness and unleash your creativity

  • Learn how to embrace the relationship between story, health and wellbeing

  • Build a sustainable and nurturing journaling practice

Workshop dates and details will be announced soon. Sign-up for news and updates.

Robin Stevens Payes is an educator, coach and author of the teen time travel adventure series, Edge of Yesterday. She offers creativity and storytelling workshops for adults and teens.

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My experience working with Robin introduced me to new ways of exploring the past. I dove out of my comfort zone and learned more than I ever expected to know.
Claire Van Stolk
Student, Emory University