Come with me to the The Edge of Yesterday
A Time Travel Adventure Learning Through Story™

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What if a runaway science fair scheme and your smart device suddenly gave you the power to hack time? That's how my adventure began. You will not believe how it ends!

Blast to the Past

The ultimate science fair project

Discovered 500-year-old futuristic designs by Leonardo da Vinci. One is for a TIME MACHINE. Built his model for the middle school science fair.

That launched me on a time-bending adventure to another world accidentally (on purpose).

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Learn Like Leonardo (L3)

"Learning never exhausts the mind." Leonardo da Vinci

Crash landing, Florence, Italy, face-to-face with the famous Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci. Year: 1492.

From the Mona Lisa to flying machines, from mapmaker to bridge builder— MUST LEARN: how did he do it all?

Unlock Leo's Secrets

Meet Superheroes on the Edge

of Yesterday and Tomorrow

What heroes would you journey to the edge of yesterday to meet? What could they teach you? Or would you end up teaching them?

Time travel is my secret superpower (once I figure out the rest). My goal: to design the future by learning from the superheroes of yesterday. Learn their secret superpowers.

Discover New Worlds

Prepare for the journey of a lifetime

Visiting the edge of yesterday is not for the faint-of-heart,
and we shouldn't go unprepared.
Before we go, let's visit times past.

Ready for Liftoff!

The Renaissance

Make the Story Yours

We've reached the Edge of Yesterday. Now what?

It’s time to dream your future into life. CHARLEY’S ADVENTURE is about inspiration. Creativity. Curiosity. Meeting life’s challenges. Failing. Trying again.

Because every kid has a dream. And every dream starts with knowing this: When you follow your heart, anything is possible.

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